About the artist

Angie Fay UllmannBorn and raised in South Dakota, Angie Ullmann has come a long way from the ranch- both literally and figuratively. Her parents built a sailboat on the ranch and when Angie was 12, her parents and brother lived and traveled on that sailboat for 4 years. After seeing so much of the US and Caribbean, Angie was ready to see more. She came to St. Augustine, Florida for college, earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

After college, she attempted to join the traditional workforce, but after a few months she sold everything and went to Australia for a walkabout. She has been searching for passion ever since, and feels she finds that in the furniture she builds.

Currently, Angie’s home and studio is in St. Augustine Florida but she will always have a passion for travel and looks for every opportunity to see more of the world. Her goal is to bring back what she sees and learns and incorporate that into her work.

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